Word Hike Level 435

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You Only Use It Once

Who would James Bond ask for Martini:


Officer's canine:


The way the hands move on a watch:


Common "Raid" target:


Spiky-skinned fruit:


Food remnants:


Neatly trimmed, of fingernails:


Quick oven:


Furry creature in field:


Non-alcoholic beverage:


Refrigerating device that avoids ice:


Gleamed faintly:


Thinking deeply; meditating:


"Sir, it's expired because that's for the last match!" (You Only Use It Once):


"Kid is crying again, go change it" (You Only Use It Once):


"We already have 3 children!" (You Only Use It Once):


"What if someone revives him..." (You Only Use It Once):

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