Word Hike Level 911 answers

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Level 911 - Sawat Di Kha

Level 911 answers Sawat Di Kha

The existing state of affairs, particularly in social or political matters:


A large, hard-shelled fruit containing white meat and liquid:


To record or enroll officially, typically for a specific purpose:


A word used to describe an action, occurrence or state of being:


To make an estimate or judgement about something without full knowledge or certainty:


A black or dark-brown combustible mineral substance, used as fuel:


Small, six-legged insects that live in colonies and often work together:


To examine something closely and carefully:


To make something appear larger than it actually is:


To move on foot at a regular and fairly slow pace:


A very young child, typically one that is not yet able to walk or talk:


A seat without a back or arms, usually used for a single person:


A cereal grain that is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population:


A phrase used to wish someone good health, safety or comfort:


When people come together to voice their disagreement with something, they are said to do this:


This word refers to the study of the earth's surface, including its features and inhabitants:


Mother's Day in Thailand is held on the _____'s birthday while Father's Day is on the King's birthday:


This Thailand city has one of the longest names in the world with 104 letters:


Most Thai people have two names - the official name and their nickname, the latter was chosen by your parents at _____:

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Level 912 - People Who Works With An Assistant

Thailand - Sawat Di Kha answers
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